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The Results Engine Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

Billy Batt has been in the Sales Marketing business for the past 6 years. He’s built his business while working 10-14 hours a day in the oilfield of Northern Canada, only due to his hard work and dedication his agency not only survives but thrives through perfect systems and management.

Chromeleads Consulting & Management was developed through many trial and error attempts at entrepreneurship. They now have a very strong team and serve their customers to the best of their abilities as a team. From assisting multiple successful events to highly successful marketing campaigns they go to bat for their partners and clients.

Billy has worked with Real Estate Professionals and Contractors, helping them accelerate their business sales and marketing systems. He has achieved success in the commercial/residential roofing, coaching, kitchen/bath remodeling, rent to own, and investors, among other fields. He has used various marketing techniques with a signature process to skyrocket conversions.

Billy is a 10x Ambassador because every activity that he undertakes has the potential of always 10xing.

He's also the host of The New World Marketing Order & Founder of the Veterans of North America Foundation

Their mission is to help people hit $100,000,000 in closed contracts by 2024.