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The Results Engine Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Ricky believes in Mindset Fitness over Willpower. As an international speaker, consultant, and coach, he teaches simple and easy strategies to increase quality of life and business. Ricky teaches these methods so you can rise above the two biggest dream killers of them all; procrastination and negativity.

Ricky Mendez has directed over a half billion dollars in sales and has been trusted to appoint key personnel to implement his sales and prosperity programs. His specialty has been rebuilding divisions of mediocre or failing businesses by developing the river of life for any company - sales.

Ricky believes in daily implementation. He attacks the issue of a minimalistic mindset in an organization by inviting people to change the way they think. When we do this, we embark on the miraculous journey of self-development, awareness, and excellence. Condition the mind and the body will follow.