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The Results Engine Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

From over five years in prison to 6 figure+ business owner, Zachary Babcock helps entrepreneurs launch, grow, and monetize top-shelf passive income businesses and personal brands. Zachary has interviewed over 100+ celebrities and alpha entrepreneurs on Underdog Empowerment, and he has a broad perspective from both extremes of life. More info can be found on his main website.

In this episode, Zach is going to share his amazing story from being imprisoned to having a very successful business. He’s going to talk about his experiences, and share the things that he learned throughout his journey. He will show some great tips to be a successful entrepreneur and win life in general. Listen in.


What You’ll Learn 


The importance turning your adversities as source of motivation to be successful in life.


And Mastering your true passion and calling.


Favorite Quote


“If you truly want to help somebody, if you really want to help another human being and do good for them, that’s completely different than making them happy, but a lot of times people will say and do things to make other people feel happy.”


- Zachary Babcock


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