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The Results Engine Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

CEO? Entrepreneur? Top Ranking Author?

Andrew Kaplan dispensed with all the fancy titles a long time ago. Nowadays, he’d much rather be known for the impact he’s helped make for others on their own journey.

Ask Andrew what the number one obstacle facing most people is on their path to a better life, and his answer usually comes down to three words:
Overabundance Of Information.

Recognizing that others often consume way more information than they should before taking a step forward, he now chooses key topics with solid track records for helping others, and condenses them into actionable, more consumable content.

His latest offering on Amazon, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” was written with the understanding that the only thing most people are missing when it comes to the Law of Attraction, is a way to understand and enjoy most of the techniques enough to finally use them with consistency to get real results.

Andrew is currently based in New York, where he publishes new content daily.

In this Episode, Andrew is going to share to us the lessons that he learned throughout his life, and he will be giving some tips on how to be successful.

What You’ll Learn 

The importance of Smart Work or Hard work, and consistency.

And mastering the ability to grow using the resources that you have.

Favorite Quote

 “Looking back now, 30 years young. Back then 30 was old, It’s like holy shit, I am over the hill, all that equity of my twenties, imagine having that tossed aside and be for nothing.”

- Andrew Kaplan     

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